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The love of small comb 12/03/12 Yes

The love of small comb He and she in a company, he is temporary workers in the company, she is the company's middle managers. He was also in the probation period, only a small salary, just graduation, with green childishness. She is he the teacher elder sister, a university out, after the class will always hear him some things, such as the company interpersonal relationship, such as how to deal with the boss and coworkers. At first, he not much good to her, because her new pandora charms work has been a straight face, but, like is called out to him from her that a sound begins. She said, well, I got to tell you something. For those things, he felt and she particularly close. Sitting opposite her, see her long hair, has a tinge. White-collar..., sometimes it good pandora to listen, but do it, sometimes really hard. His heart, had the love dearly. The first monthly wages, after he held it to buy a comb, NiuJiaoShu, engraved a lotus flower, just pandora for kids because, and her name has a lotus word. He likes that word, sounds, then have a zen. Then, he decided to send her first gift is the comb, good let her use every day, with a think of him, and that three thousand QingSi, not be the mind of the girls? To her, she was surprised, I have a comb. His embarrassed standing there, knew she declined him. His red in the face and said, is the students gave me, I can't use, ox horn, it is said that to the hair? Well, it can comb black and pandora dealers bright. She smiled, good, I accept it, thank you." A "x" more let him understand, she don't want the feelings. She did not know him, just, her long he was five, and do the company in the middle, and leadership after the meeting will just yesterday, he will not be leaving, because of a more experienced more, higher education, she can't sings lose too much love, she pandora swarovski beads knew that, a few years after graduation, she already had a no common heart. After a week, he left, leaving a letter: "actually, I'm like you, the comb is I bought for you." She read the comb, tan carpenter, to more than one hundred dollars, but his internship wages but three hundred piece, bought her a comb, him a pandora leather bracelets month to eat what to drink??????? Have a magazine said, should love that have one hundred dollars give you spend eighty people, and don't that have ten thousand dollars give you spend one hundred people. That said, but in the world of mortals, make such a choice is too difficult. For several years after she Cheap Pandora Earrings got married, or with the comb. Hair cut short, very hot, but comb still need to use, that the above a lotus has faded. She often looked at the comb, of buy comb boy. She doesn't know, the boy has done deputy chief, he already understand, some times, only love is not enough, isn't she doesn't love you, but she needs a more safely in the future. So, he didn't blame her, but grateful for her refusal. It refused to, also have love. Such love, is to have a lot of time to understand.

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